We value our patients’ experience at Alexander & Grenon Chiropractic Center PC.

Dr. James Grenon and Dr. Daniel Ruddy
Your Cheshire Chiropractors

I have been a patient of Dr. Grenon for several years, and he has always provided incomparable care that far exceeded my expectations. On several occasions, he has gone above and beyond what one would expect from a medical professional.

Just over a year ago, I hurt my lower back so badly that I couldn’t stand on my own. On Thanksgiving Day, my pain was so excruciating that my family had to call Dr. Grenon. He met me at his office within the hour and even offered to come to my house to help move me into the car. We later learned that day was also Dr. Grenon’s birthday.

On the following day, he arranged for me to have an MRI, then spent the rest of the day working on my back. He saw me twice on Saturday and twice on Sunday.

My back healed under Dr. Grenon’s care, and I have continued to see him for maintenance. I cannot imagine a more capable and caring chiropractor.

Jim Amato

“When I checked the phone book, the ad said “emergency cases.”  That was me, so I called; the nice lady got me in right away.  I told them ‘I really don’t like chiropractic’ – but I was desperate.  I had pulled something way out of whack.  I had to go to work that afternoon, but I couldn’t breathe right and I certainly couldn’t bend or lift anything.

Dr. Ruddy, a young guy, told me that chiropractic had probabaly changed a lot since I had my last treatment.  I said ‘I hope so!’  He promised not to hurt me and since I had nothing to lose at that point, I decided to trust him.  He listened to my complaints, assessed my back and then the miracle happened.  Instead of the ‘truck running over me’ feeling that I had had in the past after an adjustment, I breathed out, heard a couple of clicks and then I took the biggest breath in that I had been able to take in 24 hours.

Some hot packs and E-Stim later, I was able to get off the table and go to work, sore, but not disabled.  I went back to Dr. Ruddy for these gentle adjusments until I had no more muscle spasms and then started mild exercise to keep myself in good shape.  The whole recovery didn’t happen in a day, of course.  But without the folks at Alexander & Grenon, I would have been in pain and out of work a lot longer!

Thanks guys!”

— Frances H.  Age 57


“On saturday morning my husband, Tom, woke up with back pain.  He was in enough pain that he couldn’t wait until Monday to be seen.  He called Dr. Grenon’s office at 8:30 am and athough Dr. Grenon had never seen Tom before, he told him to come right it.  Tom told me that “Dr. G” was great but I was still skeptical– until my back went out and I went to the office.  My husband was right, Dr. G is great; not only is he a wonderful chiropractor, but a really nice and caring person as well.  His office staff is also very nice and personable.  When I go for a treatment the people there know my name and they talk to me like a friend, not just a patient.  Tom and I have been seeing Dr. G for 3 years, and we highly recommend him to all our friends–and you!”

— Denise H.     Age 53


“I have had back pain for years so severe that at times I would have trouble walking and would not be able to sit.  I wanted so badly for something to work, and chiropractic was an untried avenue.  My pain was intense, so it took a little time and patience.  I got a little antsy but I continued and the treatment began to pay off in big ways.  I can now exercise and do all of the things I want to do with little to no pain.

Dr. Ruddy and the rest of the staff have been wonderful from the beginning.  Most importantly, they’ve always been so accomodating to my crazy schedule.”

— Greg F.     Age 29


“I was suffering from dizziness after giving birth to our twins and within a few treatments, ‘Dr. Jimmy’ had rid me of the dizziness–thank goodness!

and… When my oldest son was not quite two, he suffered from an ear infection for months and was on constant antibiotics when an ENT told us he wanted to put tubes in his ears to get rid of the fluid.  Jimmy said to me, ‘Give me two weeks – no antibiotics.’  So, in an effort to spare our son surgery, we gave Jimmy two weeks – he saw our son 3 times a week, and on our follow-up appointment with the ENT, our son had no trace of fluid in his ears at all!  Dr. Jimmy sees all four of our children and there is no doubt in my mind that their overall health is a direct result of Dr. Jimmy’s care.”

–Pam G.     Age  36


“AWESOME is the word to describe my experience at Alexander & Grenon Chiropractic Center.  When my chronic back pain I’d had for three years became severe, I decided to listen to my dad’s advice and call a chiropractor.  As I walked into the Alexander & Grenon Chiropractic Center, I was greeted with warm smiles.  Then I met Dr. Ruddy,and he actually listened carefully to my complaints!  His reply was, ‘Don’t worry, we’ll get you fixed up and feeling better.’

Still feeling skeptical of this working, and being nervous, Dr. Ruddy calmed my nerves using light conversation and explaining exactly what he was going to do.  While examining my back and neck, he asked if I ever got headaches.  I explained that they were almost a daily experience.  He said he could help with that too.  This all sounded too good to be true!

I stood up after my first visit and it felt like a miracle!  It seemed like I could stand straighter and like a load of weight had been lifted off my back.  I still thought the true test would be the numbness and headaches…..and After only a few visits, my chronic back pain, numbness and headaches had disappeared!  I haven’t felt this healthy since highschool!”

–Katie C.       Age: 25


“At 37 years old, I’d never been to a chiropractor before. I always thought they were for spinal deformities or accident victims. Five weeks ago, at a friend’s urging, I arrived at Dr. Grenon’s office with only one complaint; my lower back ‘locked up’ when laying down, making it difficult to sit up from a flat position. After only 2 visits, my lower back never locked up again, – to this day.

During the course of these past five weeks, (2-3 times a week), I have benefited from chiropractic care in more ways than I ever imagined:

My near-daily HEADACHES (for years) have gone away – completely.
Before my visits with Dr. Grenon, I had been seeing both a neurologist and a rheumatologist for arms, hands, and feet NUMBNESS. After much blood work and nerve & muscle tests, these doctors weren’t able to offer an explanation or cure. Chiropractic care erased the numbness in only 2 visits.
My ENERGY level is amazingly high and I feel years younger.
My NECK-TURNING RANGE is so much better. Before, I thought it was normal that I had to turn my body to look behind me when driving. Now, my neck actually turns as far as it should. Who knew?

Even though my insurance is near over with my ‘treatment,’ I am going to continue with the monthly maintenance visits from my own pocket. It is SUCH an investment. Dr. Grenon said when stress is removed from your spine, your overall health is improved. I will testify to that!”

-Rosa C.      Age 37


“I have been a patient of Alexander & Grenon Chiropractic Center for many years, first with Dr. Alexander when she was solo in her own practice.This year when Dr. Alexander informed me that she would be retiring in May I began to think how it would affect me.After all when you get used to one practitioner and are comfortable, the prospect of change can cause a certain amount of anxiety – will I like the new doctors, will they take me on as their patient, will I have to start all over like a new patient, will they know my history, and most of all how good are they in what they do?These and many other questions plagued my mind when I thought about making the transition.

Needless to say I did not have too much time to think about the transition.On a bright and sunny recent Saturday morning I was getting dressed when I bent over to simply put on a pair of socks when my entire lower back went into a crippling spasm.It had been quite a while since I had such a severe and disabling episode so I was quite alarmed.It was close to 7 a.m. but I immediately called the office and after explaining my situation to the answering service they assured me that I would receive a call back.Within 10 minutes I had my call back.He identified himself as Dr. Ruddy who I understood was recently new to the practice.But it was a calm and soothing voice that told me to meet him at the office at 8:15.Ok . . . .so I am doubled over in spasm, cannot walk or stand or sit and am in panic mode as to how this could have happened, and now on top of it all now I get to see “the new guy” !

I called a friend to drive me over and we were met at the office by Dr. Dan Ruddy. I was somewhat skeptical; he’s too young, does he have enough experience? he was too young, how will he know my situation? did I say he was too young ?. . . . but what the heck I was bent like a pretzel and Dr. Dan was being very reassuring as I hobbled down the hall and onto the table.He totally explained the condition that I had gotten myself into and proceeded with the appropriate treatment, again assuring me that I really would be okay and walking comfortably within a few days.I spent about 2 hours there that morning with Dr. Dan coming in and out checkingon how I was doing the entire time.I did not immediately feel better, but he said I could expect some improvement within a few hours.He placed a follow-up phone call to me by mid-afternoon to check on my progress.

I had another appointment for the next day.When I got there I was met by Dr. Grenon, which surprised me because it was Sunday and he was in the office.On a Sunday?He was aware of what had happened the day before and again provided more of the same treatment and reassured me that my situation would improve.I saw Dr. Ruddy again the entire following week and things started to progressively improve and as my healing progressed, my confidence grew and I discovered that Ireally was okay with this “transition”.In speaking with Dr. Alexander that same week she also reassured me that I was in “good hands” and that she was extremely confident in both Dr. Grenon’s and Dr. Ruddy’s professional ability and had confided that she too had been recently treated by Dr. Ruddy.And with all her experience and years in practice and trusting her as I had come to, that endorsement alone spoke volumes.

In closing, I am a firm believer in chiropractic healing, have been for many years.I have encouraged and referred friends to try chiropractic care. When it comes to chiropractic I feel you have to really trust your practitioner and have a confidence in his ability to diagnose and treat your pain issues and get those bones aligned so they can function properly.You are literally ” in their hands”.

I will now trust my continuity of care to these two professional and dedicated practitioners and their likewise caring and helpful staff.I will also continue to see Dr. Alexander in her practice of nutrition counseling which is another service the center offers.I would be happy to speak to anyone personally who may be afraid to take the first step.

— Alice H.     Age 54