Osteoarthritis in the knee and hip areas is painful and can develop into a chronic injury if left untreated. Many patients find chiropractic care for hip osteoarthritis and knee osteoarthritis to be very helpful when they cannot find pain relief elsewhere.


Increasing level of pain in the hip area that may extend into the groin area, pain shooting down the thighs, and pain in the knee joints are all signs of hip osteoarthritis and knee osteoarthritis. Oftentimes, pain is first felt in the knees, and some patients may not notice the hip pain until later. Colder weather and physical activity including jogging and walking can cause the pain to become more prominent.


Through very gentle spinal adjustments, chiropractors are able to place the spinal column in proper alignment, creating a positive effect on the hip joints that are connected to the spine. Regular chiropractic care can help many patients manage this currently incurable condition.


With the help of chiropractic care, knee osteoarthritis can also be managed very effectively. A variety of treatments can be used for both knee and hip osteoarthritis including stretching, massage, and gentle manipulation of any painful joints and the use of ultrasound for healing.