Chiropractic…  It’s What We Do.

The practice of Chiropractic is based on the simple philosophy that if the body is functioning correctly, it has the inborn ability to heal itself.  At Alexander & Grenon Chiropractic, Dr. Grenon and Dr. Ruddy take on the challenge of helping injured bodies return to their optimal function.  Unlike traditional medicine, that historically targets the symptoms and chiropractic cheshiretries to reduce them through medication, injections or surgery, chiropractors aim to find the CAUSE of the symptom.  By getting to the root of the actual problem, we are able to not only relieve the symptom, but also offer prevention for the future.

Chiropractic…  It’s All Natural!

The art of chiropractic dictates that treatments are mostly done by hand, which is exactly what Dr. Grenon and Dr. Ruddy specialize in.  The chiropractic adjustment (or manipulation) is a natural, non-invasive technique that is performed by the doctors using gentle pressure in specific direction.  The adjustment may be along the spine, pelvis, or other joints of the body that are found to be out of alignment.  By using light force in the right areas of the body, our doctors are able to restore movement to joints that are fixated or “locked up,” thus reestablishing proper function of not only the joint itself, but also the nerves which may have been irritated in that area.  By reducing irritation on the nerves, symptoms such as pain, numbness and spasm will naturally subside, and the body’s overall function can improve.

In addition, Dr. Grenon and Dr. Ruddy use various hands-on soft tissue treatments and muscle work in order to reduce spasm and pain, and also to ensure a more comfortable adjustment.  Soft tissue treatment is extremely effective for muscle strains and spasm, tendonitis, sports injuries, and the overall “tight” feeling that many patients describe.  As a supplement to the hands-on work by the doctors, passive modalities such as moist heat, ice, electric muscle stimulation (EMS) and ultrasound are also used to aid in the healing process.  The philosophy at Alexander & Grenon is that you cannot separate the skeletal system from the muscular system, so both the joints and the soft tissues are treated in an effort to speed up recovery and more quickly reduce the patient’s symptoms while improving function.

Chiropractic…  SAFE, Effective, AND Affordable.

Some people that have not yet experienced chiropractic care, especially as practiced at Alexander & Grenon Chiropractic, may be skeptical or fearful of the treatment.  Let us assure you that much of this apprehension is simply from fear of the unknown.  Dr. Grenon and Dr. Ruddy pride themselves in their open communication with patients, explaining everything they do and answering any questions.  There are no surprises when it comes to getting treated.  Chiropractic care is extremely safe, and the techniques used in our office are specifically tailored to the needs of each patient.  And because our care does not require medication or surgery, the negative side effects are minimal and temporary if any.  Some patients do experience some soreness following the first few treatments, much like soreness felt when exercising for the first time in a while—this is completely normal and will fade quickly as the body’s function improves overall.  Many patients respond very quickly to care, and notice that even multiple visits to the chiropractor are still only a fraction of the cost of one visit to an orthopedist; especially for an injection or surgical procedure.   In addition, Dr. Grenon and Dr. Ruddy strive to give their patients the information and advice necessary to prevent future injuries, and avoid more painful (and costly) breakdowns in the months and years to come.  Chiropractic care is one of the safest and most cost-effective ways to keep your body tuned up, limiting the risk of major injuries that require expensive medical procedures.