Contrary to popular belief, tennis elbow is not a condition only found in tennis players.  Tennis elbow can happen to anyone and is caused by the repetitive use of the forearm muscles, especially when these muscles don’t get much use regularly.  You may not realize it, but there are tons of common occupations and hobbies that can cause tennis elbow such as plumbing, painting, fishing, computer use, and playing musical instruments.

Tennis elbow will cause the patient to have pain from the outer elbow area extending to their forearm and wrist.  This condition happens when your tendons attach to the bony areas outside of your elbow.  The patient will experience weakness when holding a coffee cup, shake hands and grabbing an object.

Generally tennis elbow can be diagnosed very easily with an examination and explanation of your symptoms, but on occasion, a physician will want to eliminate other conditions like pinched nerves, and arthritis by conducting x-rays or MRI screening.

In some cases of tennis elbow, your basic chiropractic adjustment will be all you need to eliminate your symptoms.  After your adjustment your chiropractor will most likely suggest applying ice to your elbow a few times per day for two weeks. Taking a minimal dose of ibuprofen or aspirin will help to reduce pain and inflammation during the healing process, and applying compression such as an ace bandage will prevent any further injury.