Scoliosis is when there is a sideways curve of the spine. While a mere 2 percent of the population is affected, it is most common in females and usually begins during childhood.  Early detection is key in preventing the condition to worsen over time.

Derived from the Greek work meaning curvature, scoliosis patients have a sideways curve in their spine shaped either like an “S” or “C”.  This curving in the spine will result in a hump in the rib cage area.  Any curve over 60 degrees is considered serious. In general the waist and shoulders will be uneven, and adjusting your posture will not correct this problem.

Chiropractic care can help to improve this condition.  A chiropractor will review your overall health, examine your spine, and factor in your lifestyle.

Remember in school when everyone had to do the scoliosis check during your physical education class once a year? That check is called the Adams Forward Bending Test. Any abnormal spinal shape or humps would be detected by a professional as the participant bent forward at the waist and you would be referred over to a specialist for further scoliosis detection and treatment.

Any pain can usually be alleviated by applying moist heat, and wearing an orthopedic brace can prevent any worsening of the spinal curve.  In extreme cases spinal fusion surgery may be the answer, but will only be performed after continuous use of a brace has shown no signs of helping.

If you have scoliosis, seeing a chiropractor regularly can be an integral part of keeping your lifestyle as normal and full as possible. Regardless of the intensity of your scoliosis, chiropractic care combined with physical therapy can help increase muscle strength and mobility.