It is estimated that approximately 5% of all children suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), therefore making it one of the most common conditions that develop in the early school years.

A statistic like 5% may not seem like many children, but when you break that down you will realize that that equals 2 million children in this country.  If you look even closer you will see that in a classroom of 25 children, it is extremely likely that at least one will have ADHD.  As we all know, kids will be kids, and there are many normal children that may seem to suffer from the same symptoms as a child diagnosed with ADHD, it is important to know that a thorough examination be conducted before any treatment is considered.

All parents should be aware of the four most common signs of ADHD:



*Impulsive Behavior

*Difficulty with focus or concentration

In general, a chiropractor wouldn’t treat ADHD, but there are quite a few things that they can do to help your child eliminate the triggers that may cause stress to your child’s nervous system such as:

*Removing any spinal subluxations that may be irritating to his or her nervous system