Shoulder pain can be caused by a variety of different things.  Something as simple as sleeping in a bad position can start the trend of shoulder pain and cause a chronic problem like arthritis.  Many people are shocked at how intense shoulder pain can be and how long the pain can last.  This area of your body is crucial to handling even the simplest of daily activities and therefore any shoulder pain or injury should be taken seriously and treated immediately to avoid any further complications.

You should be aware of any symptoms that would be a sign of a shoulder injury such as an inability to hold objects like before, decreased functionality of the arm, any pain that lasts more than a day or two, and any unusual aches or tingling of the shoulder area.

A chiropractor can be your best resource in receiving the most effective treatment for your shoulder pain.  He or she will usually begin by examining the entire shoulder and neck area as these two areas are so often linked when pain is concerned.  In general a series of chiropractic care visits can clear up most shoulder pain.  Your chiropractor can use a multitude of treatment methods such as heat and ice application, shoulder manipulations, and stretching exercises that the patient can continue at home.