Provigil online

There are some mixed reviews on this online pharmacy, but I’d like to share a very positive experience. I can understand how some folks could have been inconvenienced when the pharmacy folks were understaffed. Kudos to Scott Z. and his considerate, respectable handling of my issue this morning. I called the pharmacy and spoke to India (spelling?) yesterday to confirm when I could pick up my provigil, that I’ve ordered online earlier. India advised that I call in the morning. I called, and although I was on hold for a long time, Scott picked up the call and was courteous. I requested if I could get the script within the hour since I had meetings for work in the morning. He said he was the only one there and would do his best to get me out once I walked in. He was the only one there when I walked in, although a few other pharmacists were just walking in. He already had my script filled, and I spent less than 3 minutes in the store. If he had just treated me like any other customer that had to wait while he was literally the only one there, I would have probably been ok with it. But he cared enough to prioritize filling the script and really helped me out. Being the only one there taking calls and honoring his commitment to do what he said on the phone is impressive. For this time and in my situation, I’m happy to post this 5-star review. Thanks again, Scott Z.!!

Address: 1191 Dixwell Ave, Hamden, CT 06514, United States
Phone: +1 203-230-2803
Reviews: This is the worst Walgreens I’ve ever been in. Bums and other sketchy people hang out by the door and in the lot, staff does nothing about it. Not a safe place. Pharmacy staff is rude and uncaring. Wait times are long, especially in the drive through. Trying to contact pharmacy by phone is a nightmare. When they bother to answer the phone, expect to be put on hold for upwards of 20 minutes or more. I’ve contacted the District manager several times, yet no improvement. I now drive across town to one of the other Walgreens for better service and safety. There’s a CVS across the street… better step up your game, Walgreens!


Salwa is one of the best pharmacists I’ve ever encountered. I have worked with her on a professional level for over two years. She never takes anything. Personally, the patients are in her best interest. She is always pleasurable and knows her stuff. That makes my job easier when helping to get patients their medications when there are delays, corrections, clarifications, or any issues regarding their meds. It makes all the difference in the world when dealing with a pharmacist such as Salwa, which shows courtesy, professionalism, and dedication!

I was told my mother’s provigil would be ready at noon. When I arrived, a worker with a nametag labeled “Jane H.” said to me that it would be about five more minutes and that they would page me on the overhead speaker when it was ready. I went to sit in a nearby chair. No announcement came, either from the speaker or from someone at the counter. I waited an hour, making eye contact with Jane H. multiple times. Finally, I went back up to the counter to see what the hold-up was. The prescriptions were ready, and what was her excuse for making no attempt to let me know this? “Where you were sitting isn’t a waiting area.” We will not be using this Walgreens – Store #5406 again in the future.

Address: 714 Dixwell Ave, New Haven, CT 06511, United States
Phone:  +1 203-562-6878
Reviews: Cashier was extremely rude. She also signed my name after she snatched the pen from me.

The ABSOLUTE BEST customer service!!! Dan constantly goes above and beyond for its customers. They have saved me tons of money on prescriptions and always have whatever it is that my family or I might need. I’ll never go to a different pharmacy again!!

What a joke! My doctor calls in my prescription. I call ahead of time before leaving my home. I get there, once twice three times I have to stand in line because Visels Pharmacy don’t call me or two others waiting. They just help whoever comes in line. I waited an hour! For one provigil. Then they say they’ve run out and I have to come back the next day. Well, three days later, I got my text. Go to pick it up, and there was a line going throughout the store. I left and will be going to Lee’s pharmacy. I wish that I could just scream.

Address: 275 Highland Ave, Cheshire, CT 06410, United States
Phone:  +1 203-272-3697
Reviews: I have had nothing but positive experiences with this pharmacy and staff. Very helpful, always seem to go the extra mile if you have a problem with your script.

I use this pharmacy A LOT. The auto-refill is very convenient, and all you need to do is to tell them to sign you up for it. I usually have lots of questions about my meds and if I can take certain supplements with them. The pharmacists are ready and willing to answer any questions you may have. I get my yearly flu shot here, and it’s so handy! The staff is friendly and helpful. I really appreciate all their hard work. Thank you, Stop & Shop Pharmacy staff!!

Every single month I have to wait and wait for my son’s provigil. They NEVER have it in stock. If the doctor sends the refill too early, they tell me insurance won’t cover it. If we wait until the medication is running out, then we have to wait for the store to order it, and then my son ends up running out before they get it refilled. This medicine is very important for him, and it’s ridiculous that we have to go through this EVERY SINGLE MONTH!!! Some months they didn’t have the correct amount and gave me a smaller bottle with less dosage, and I still had to pay the same amount! How is that fair? If you give me less, I should spend less! No wonder they’re going out of business! I’ve reached out to corporate, but I haven’t heard back at all.

Address: 152 Colony St Unit #A, Meriden, CT 06451, United States
Phone: +1 203-634-3000
Reviews: my grandmother never gets her pills on time she had to wait 2 days after her appointment will never recomend


Michelle, the Pharmacist, and all of her staff genuinely care about your individual needs! Michelle makes you feel so important in every visit to the pharmacy. She takes her time to explain all the instructions to you. There’s no doubt Meriden Pharmacy is the BEST pharmacy to refill all your prescriptions!

Awful experiences here every single time an order is filled. I’ve shown up to other pharmacies in different cities to be told to head to Oregon City as they claim to have what I need in stock and fillable that same day. Despite driving 30 miles sometimes, they then proceed to tell me they will process the order, so I wait over half an hour each time, come back to then be told they don’t even care provigil needed until the next week. Incompetence is high, as a patient person this dept. It is incredibly slow. Numerous times I’ve been told that’s what you get for processing an order on a Friday when in reality, the order was requested to be filled Thursday, if not sooner in the week. Go elsewhere.