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I’ve been going ordering medications there for over ten years. They were very helpful when my insurance was changing, and my insurance wouldn’t accept, and they wanted me to go to one of the larger chain pharmacies. I wasn’t covered by insurance in their pharmacy any longer, but they were somehow able to change that, and now my insurance is accepted there. Everyone is very nice, and they are helpful when you have a question about provigil or anything. I don’t feel like a number, which the larger chain pharmacies make you feel. Every year I get a happy Birthday call or online greeting on my birthday. I don’t even get that from some friends and family. Lol, If you need a caring and great pharmacy with wonderful employees and pharmacists, this is the place to go!!!

Address: 905 S Main St, Cheshire, CT, United States
Phone: +1 203-272-3255
Reviews: I went here after failing to reach my personal Dr. on a weekend for a UTI, expecting to just grab something over the counter, the pharmacist suggested an appt at their minute clinic , they were all so helpful and friendly, within an hour I was back home on antibiotics and feeling better within 24 hours!

I set this CVS Pharmacy for my regular drug refills. The very kind staff, especially those who are usually at the pickup counter. I think his name is Michael or Mitchell he is swift at his job. Also, another guy wearing a blue scrub (I didn’t get his name) is super kind too. No long waiting is plus+!!!!!

The staff is wonderful under the circumstances. My provigil takes a while to be filled, which is very frustrating, but there would be less of an issue if the company would staff them correctly. I want to stay at this pharmacy, but I will have to leave if they do not get more staff. When I come in, the line is down to the customer service desk with only ONE technician who looks like they have been run ragged working the line! Other times I call and get put on hold for what seems like forever, only to be sent to voicemail. I wish someone could fix this place for the patients, especially the techs and pharmacists, who seem to have had enough.

Address: 197 E Main St, Waterbury, CT 06702, United States
Phone: +1 203-757-2000
Reviews: Omg. I love them so much. They are all so helpful and so kind. I been going there for years. I can’t say enough great things about the pharmacy and staff. <3

Very hard to rate this place to rate the staff and their efficiency: 1 star. To rate the pharmacists: 5 stars. You will wait forever in line to get your prescription here if there are people in front of you. It seems like every patient that walks up takes 15 minutes for the staff member to check them out. Any time I’ve dealt with a pharmacist here, though, I have been very pleased with them- they are very patient-friendly, caring, and willing to share their knowledge. Hopefully, there can be improvements made in the future to make it easier to pick up your prescription.

Worst customer service this Waterbury Pharmacy again and again. The male pharmacist seems incompetent. I suggested he contacts a doctor to fill for whatever natural thyroid med they can get. He told me they could get it but have to make special requests which apparently none of the staff know about. He said it just started, but it was the third month I had requested provigil, and several days later, I would go to pick it up only to find out they didn’t have in stock and had not ordered it. After not getting filled the third time despite having requested it a week before, I went to another pharmacy. I went to Gulf pharmacy, and the pharmacist stated there was a shortage Provigil. This pharmacist did what I had suggested to the pharmacist. Within 15 minutes, I had the med in hand at the gulf and was out the door.

Address: 1420 Meriden Rd, Waterbury, CT 06705, United States
Phone: +1 203-527-5160
Reviews: Best pharmacy experience ever! Julia is very friendly and professional.

I’ve always used the big chain pharmacies, but my experience since switching to Royal Pharmacy has been so much better. The delivery has helped immensely while caring for a newborn, and I can text instead of call if I need to! The pharmacist always goes above and beyond to help us, and the service is just a testament to small businesses.

I have never had poorer customer service at a pharmacy. Ever. I waited for more than 90 minutes over six phone calls (two of which hung up on me) to get provigil. It was promised at 2 pm but wasn’t available at 5 pm. I was told to come back at 8 pm. It still wasn’t filled. The pharmacy tech stated she wanted to fight me and lied and said she was the only one on duty while there was clearly a pharmacist on duty. I spent at least 3 hours getting ONE necessary prescription filled. I’ve never experienced staff as rude and inept as this and will never be returning to this location, despite its close proximity to my home. I cannot urge you enough to avoid this location. UPDATE 1/27/20: the second time, this location has promised prescriptions by a certain time. I went up to retrieve them over an hour later than promised. I was told we were very busy and sent away without two of my prescriptions. They had a four-hour warning of when I wanted to be there, and I was promised them within 90 minutes. This place is RIDICULOUS. NON-existent customer service, and one simply CANNOT believe their promise times. Again, I cannot urge you enough to avoid this incompetent and rude pharmacy.

Address: 256 Bunker Hill Ave, Waterbury, CT 06708, United States
Phone: +1 203-574-7825
Reviews: Pharmacies like this are hard to find. My family has been going here since it opened. Here, you are treated like a person, not a number. The staff is very kind and caring, always asking how the rest of my family is doing. And the delivery woman is always on time, and in a great mood. If you go to a retail chain pharmacy, I would recommend switching to Bunker Hill Pharmacy. They treat you like you matter, because to them, you do.

I Love this Health Mart. I have always had my prescriptions filled here but just recently really had to rely on this Health Mart and staff. First, I showed up at the wrong time for my COVID test, and they gracefully still attended to me. Next, I misspelled my name and was left out of the country the next day before I realized it. I was on a serious time crunch, and Dylan made it happen! Thank you so so much for all your help and patience. I couldn’t have done it without you!

Unprofessional period, I’ve been there several times. They billed my insurance wrong. I had to go with my Provigil for so long I ended up needing surgery. All because they didn’t type in a code. Literally, all it took was a code. They argued with me that it wouldn’t work. It did work. They’ve had the computer call me multi times for my medicine that was “ready for pick up” each time I went there, it wasn’t ready. The wait time for your prescription is ridiculous half the time, almost 45 minutes waiting there. I can go on and on about how horrible they are, but I won’t cause I’m sure you get the point.