Nutritional Counseling at Alexander & Grenon Chiropractic Center is an option for patients looking to explore healthy weight loss, better their immune systems, and/or generally improve the efficiency of the way in which their bodies process what they eat.  Proper nutrition is also a way to naturally improve a variety of illnesses disease processes that may affect the body as we age.  Other than just losing weight, nutritional counseling can help with those suffering with various types of food allergies and intolerance, diabetes, hormonal issues, and arthritis to name a few.

At this time, Nutrional Counseling is done through our office by Jeanne D. Alexander, MSN, D.C.  Dr. Alexander is a retired chiropractor who holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Nutrition and has practiced both chiropractic and nutrition for over 50 years.  She currently sees clients out of her home in Cheshire, but appointments for nutrition may be booked through our office.  In addition, Standard Process nutritional supplements are available for purchase in our office under the direction of Dr. Alexander.  Please contact Sandy to schedule a “New Patient” Nutrition appointment.